Daily Archives: October 1, 2014

I’m Free!!



This was the last day I was in prison. I was woken at 3 A.M. and transported to a release area that I hadn’t seen since I was brought to prison five years earlier for intake. I remember feeling like something was going to happen and being released would be put off again. My original release date fell on the weekend so I had to wait for Monday. Isn’t that nice? I hadn’t really slept the night before so I was unusually calm and felt numb. There was a few other women being released that day all squawking like chickens. Only a couple of them had people waiting outside to take them home or bring them release clothes. They didn’t care, there was a drink, a party or whatever else their vise was, waiting outside those gates.

We were shuffled around from room to room filling out paperwork, getting this lovely state ID and basically told to be quiet and stand in a line. I can still feel the humiliation of knowing they had control even though I was suppose to be out two days earlier. I was given my final bag lunch consisting of a sandwich, cookie, and I think an orange. I passed this along to another shameless inmate who gobbled it down like it was her last meal. finally we had to drop our personal property at the front gate where we could briefly see cars on the outside. Excitement started to build deep in the pit of my stomach, one of those cars was my love waiting for me like he did the last five years.

Just wait,One more humiliation, we were then shuffled into a long trailer right by the front gate. I was handed my first civilian clothes in five years . I had picked them out from Victoria Secret catalog months before and asked my boyfriend to bring them. I stripped naked in front of a guard with all the other women side by side. Squat and cough ladies!!! Yes, Like I really want to bring that lighter home I have been hiding for the last couple years. Humiliation over and into the sweet smelling brand new clothes. Shuffle  Shuffle and we are outside waiting to walk through the gates.

There he is…my rock, my love and now my husband.