Daily Archives: October 2, 2014


Please keep eyewear on or contacts in when entering jail or prison in Arizona. You will feel intimidated but stick to your guns and complain loudly that you can not see without them. If they manage to confiscate them off of your person: you will never see them again.

They will provide you with state issue glasses if you know to request a kite (Form) to see the optometrist. You will wait for months anyways, and then receive a pair that looks like what your parents wore in the seventies minus the cool ass tint. A clear flimsy plastic frame wrapped around huge lenses.

I had money on my books and finally found a hook up. I went to an inmate, a former prostitute, that knew a “John” on the outside. He happened to be an optometrist. I described what I wanted and we guessed what my prescription would be. We actually came very close to what I needed. I arranged for payment and she arranged them to be mailed to one of my visitors.

You can see the result of all this effort on my previous post. Those black beauties.