Monthly Archives: April 2015


I just realized it has been several months since my last post. This has been a work in progress and I am learning as I go along. I originally set up this page so I could deal with my past. I wanted it to make fun of a seriously awful situation.

My hiatus from writing is a direct result of self examination. I have moved forward in leaps and bounds. I now have an “outside job” and drive myself to and from work. I deal with people in a customer service field while continuing to run my household.

The biggest accomplishment is not feeling like I owe everyone an explanation. I use to feel so guilty and ashamed. That feeling will always linger but now I also feel pride in my accomplishments. This gives me hope that one day I may wake up and not think about those awful days in prison and the mistakes I made.

I may not see the progress I have made in the present but when I look back I know that every year continues to get better. Guilt and anxiety go hand in hand. I am ready to let go.